Saints Performance Automotive Design is unique in its dedication to learning the craft of automotive engineering. Unlike many other Universities backed by large engineering departments, our team is laying our own foundations, stone by stone.

We are self-starters, entrepreneurial self-learners, with a dedication to learning from the best and for the best.

This year, we will enter the Concept Class to create a proof of concept for sustainable automotive engineering.

We hope for this to be the start of a beautiful and long-lasting legacy of automotive engineering at St Andrews, with this our flagship pilot year.

Growing our Community.

We are not building just a car, but a movement in sustainable engineering.

We are learning and raising awareness on sustainability issues and how engineering can be a true force in addressing these issues within our St Andrews community.

Our Eden Campus Makerspace.

We are at the forefront of sustainable engineering, and plan to utilise the innovative maker spaces at Eden Campus, the newest branch of the University of St Andrews sustainability developments. It is here that we will build our car, alongside an additional venue to serve as our main garage.

Why Electric?

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Saints Performance Automotive Design team.

Here, we will be diving deep into the infrastructure, mechanics, and supply chains of electric cars! Stay tuned for upcoming posts.