We're building an electric car, with a firm emphasis on our carbon footprint and plastic use.​

community driven

St Andrews is known for it's tight community, and SPAD is no different. We work with and support local suppliers and businesses.


We were setup to offer a practical application for students from a wide range of backgrounds that are passionate about motorsports.

Saints Performance Automotive Design (SPAD) is the University of St Andrews’ Formula Student team and one of the newest teams to join and compete in the Formula Student competition. In 2020, a group of St Andrews’ students found that their experiences lacked opportunities to apply their technical knowledge in a practical manner. Brought together by their passion for engineering and motorsport, students founded SPAD with the aim of cementing a strong program for students to explore their interests and gain real-world experience in engineering and manufacturing, business planning, and project management. Within two years, SPAD has nearly doubled in size and support for the team continues to grow. Today, SPAD represents a diverse group of students from over 25 countries, studying a variety of subjects from physics, mathematics and computer science to economics, geography and philosophy.

Our Amazing

Sponsors and partners

Jim Clark Trust
Lux Motorsport
Motorsports Society

Born out of a quiet

Scottish coastal town


We are committed to sustainability as we work towards engineering for a better future.


We are embracing diversity and inclusion as we welcome our new and returning members and partners from all over the world.


We are passionate about engineering and innovation as we take a novel approach to Formula Student and automotive engineering.

Our car

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Countdown Expired!

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Formula Student

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Static Events

Lap Time Simulation​
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Business Plan Presentation​
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Cost And Manufacturing​
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Engineering Design​
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Dynamic events

Skid Pad​
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